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Membership and registration

The Danish Bar and Law Society (“The Society”) is an independent organisation funded by an annual subscription from its members. Membership of the Danish Bar and Law Society is mandatory for all Danish lawyers.

When you receive your practising certificate from the Danish Ministry of Justice (Department of Civil Affairs) and thus are authorised to practise as a lawyer (“Advokat”) in Denmark, you will automatically become a member of the Society.

Thus, you will be subject to supervision by the Council of the Society and to the jurisdiction of the Disciplinary Board, as stated in the Danish Administration of Justice Act and the bye-laws of the Danish Bar and Law Society.

As a lawyer, you are funding the work of the Council and the Disciplinary Board together with all other Danish lawyers. You pay an annual subscription which is determined at the general meeting (Advokatmødet).

At present (2023), the annual subscription is DKK 7,500 excl. VAT. Furthermore, you will be charged an additional subscription of DKK 500 excl. VAT in 2023. This additional subscription will be used to fund the anti-money laundering measures of the Danish Bar and Law Society.

In 2024 and 2025 the annual subscription is DKK 8,800 excl. VAT.

Your subscription will fund the operations of the Society, including supervision activities, the operations of the Disciplinary Board, guidance to lawyers, and activities regarding the independence and integrity of the legal profession.

The fact that the operations of the Society are funded by the lawyers ensures that the legal profession and the Society are independent from e.g. government. Ultimately, this independence ensures that clients receive impartial and confidential advice.

As a lawyer, you also have certain rights. You are eligible for election to - and have the right to vote for members of - the Council, the Disciplinary Board and the boards of the local constituencies. Hence, you have the opportunity to influence decisions and direction.

Additionally, you are able to draw on the knowledge of the secretariat of the Society if you are unsure of how to understand the rules and obligations of the legal profession, if you seek information about the case law of the Disciplinary Board etc. Furthermore, you can make use of the library or the meeting rooms at the premises of the Society.

At the secretariat, you can also order a CCBE/Advokatsamfundet ID card which shows that you are a Danish lawyer.