The Secretariat

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The Secretariat of The Danish Bar and Law Society has approximately 50 employees, and consists of four departments: The Executive Office, The Strategy Department, The Supervisory Department and The Secretariat of the Disciplinary Board.

The daily management is handled by The Secretary-general Torben Jensen.

The Executive Office 
The main objects of the Executive Office are: 

  • IT, including our internal IT-systems. 
  • Administrative tasks relating to human resources.
  • Accounting, budgets and insurances. 
  • Maintenance of the publicly preserved building the Danish Bar and Law Society is located at.  

The Strategy Department
The main objects of the Strategy Department are:

  • Production of our journal "Advokaten" (the Lawyer).
  • Responsible for internal and external communications including maintenance and continued development of our website.
  • Responsible for the organization and conduct of council meetings, serving councillors including presidency etc.
  • Responsible for the preparation and implementation of the General Council's strategic planning, planning of major events like General Assembly, annual celebration of new lawyers, Center for Law and Justice etc.  
  • To conduct assignments related to the subcommittees of the Council, including the tax law committee, the procedural law-committee and the criminal law-committee. The various committees’ main tasks are, inter alia, to raise issues of current or general interest, and provide comments to legislative proposals from the government or the EU.

The Supervisory Department 
The main objects of the Supervisory Department are:   

  • To initiate and organize legal seminars, conferences and events for Danish lawyers, the business community and other stakeholders. 
  • To prepare a number of political programmes of interest to the lawyer profession, the latest example being the Council’s programme on the rule of law in tax matters. 
  • To draft commentaries on, inter alia, new amendments to the rules governing lawyers’ work.   
  • To be the regulatory authority on lawyers, including ensuring that the rules on legal ethics and the lawyers’ management of their clients funds are followed.
  • To draft responses for the Counsel's opinion committee and handle the cases and questions being raised in this forum. The questions are asked by the Society’s members and/or the Danish national Courts and are mainly concerning legal fees and legal ethics.
  • To be responsible for upcoming new lawyers’ educational program and the bar exam as well as the mandatory continued training for assistant attorneys and experienced lawyers.  

The Secretariat of the Disciplinary Board
A division of The Bar and Law Society functions as secretariat of the disciplinary board and, to some extent, also for the local districts. The Secretariat ensures that the cases are examined and prepared for hearing in The Disciplinary Board. The Secretariat also schedules The Disciplinary Board meetings and is responsible for following through on the meetings.

The Danish Bar and Law Society
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DK-1306 Copenhagen

Phone: +45 33 96 97 98

Opening hours:
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