Public Legal Aid and Lawyers' Legal Aid

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Public Legal Aid 
There are three institutions for public legal aid in Denmark and, in addition the insurance companies are offering legal insurance coverage integrated in the basic family insurances.

The public legal aid institutions cover:

Cost of lawyers' fees
The public will grant-in-aid costs of legal assistance for persons whose personal income and capital income does not exceed DKK 336.000, for married couples the amount of DKK 427.000. For each child living at home the limit of amount is increased with DKK. 58.000.

The legal aid offered covers 75% of the lawyer's fee. The above mentioned amounts can be found here and were last updated in 2020.

The lawyers who offer services under this scheme are listed at the offices of the courts, at the social-welfare offices in the communities, the local county authorities, offices of the lawyer’s legal aid, the consumers' organisations and consumers' complaints board as well as at the libraries.

Public legal aid is not offered for lawyers' assistance regarding:
•professional businesses,
•arrangements of debts,
•cases before the public institutions when these institutions provide assistance,

Aid to civil proceedings
Application for aid in civil actions is tried by the Civil Directorate of the Ministry of Justice (Civilstyrelsen) and is granted in view of the expected outcome of the lawsuit. However, granted aid will be paid without regard to the actual findings of the court. The aid is seldom granted in cases regarding business matters.

The Lawyers' Legal Aid
The lawyers have on a voluntary basis established local offices for aid and assistance in legal matters. In Denmark there are more than 100 offices of the Lawyers' Legal Aid where local practicing lawyers on a pro bono basis offer their assistance. The Lawyers' Legal Aid offers help to all who personally seek aid of an overall nature in legal matters. This legal aid scheme is restricted to oral and preliminary guidance only.

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